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Chuck Dries

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Digital Developer, The State Press

Computer Science Student, Arizona State University / 602.618.0414

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About Me Why I rock

A brief history of Chuck & tech

When I was a child I was obsessed with trains and vacuum cleaners. In elementary school my grandma tried to teach me Photoshop. In seventh grade I started teaching myself HTML. Freshman year I started learning the basics of networking and BASH so I could run a Minecraft server on my sparkly new iMac. In high school I really started to branch out. I volunteered at Phoenix Children's Hospital and I taught robotics at The Waybright Academy. I was an officer on Firebird Robotics where I handled web development and video production for, among other things, the Chairman's Award submission. I an editor of Chaparral Ashes, where I joined as the Web Editor to manage the online front but quickly moved to the Design Editor. I was also a yearbook editor and the director of Firebird Word, the daily morning announcement broadcast. I've been digging around in computers my whole life.

My life today

I'm a Computer Science student and Hackathon winner at Arizona State University interested in the intersection of technology and art. I pride myself in taking a diverse set of interest and the resulting broad set of experiences. From editorial experience at the State Press to random open source contributions in my free time, I do a lot. Less formally, I moonlight as a freelance tech support, web designer, and occasionally pick up work as a photographer. Lately I've been spending a lot of time in JavaScript, but I've got a few interesting side projects on the back burner, including a SteamVR experiment.

Bragging & geeking out

Here comes the stuff that I couldn't fit anywhere else. This summer I worked at a Starbucks to save up money to build a new PC and buy an HTC Vive to go with it. My computer runs windows in a virtual machine on top of Slackware linux, a setup that causes me unending headaches but is actually a lot of fun to tinker with when I'm not busy with school. I'm a proud Eagle scout. I like to toot my own horn. I once got so frustrated manually retyping text between command line systems that I built a cloud copy paste tool just for myself.

More about me

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1st Place

Desert Hacks '17

Virtual Keyality

A VR typing game.

The idea started as something of a joke, but after prototyping we realized that we stumbled upon a killer feature: when you're wearing the headset, you can't see your keyboard.

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3rd Place

OHack '16

Volunteer Management Portal

A web app for nonprofits.

Opportunity Hack is a charity hackathon where hackers are paired with nonprofits to solve the real world problems they face. The Lost Our Home pet rescue needed a better way to track volunteers and encourage volunteers to keep coming back. Our solution revolved around easy to access scheduling and volunteer-hour leaderboards to encourage first time volunteers to return.

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